one night in araneta: vertical horizon!

Monday, December 10, 2007

last friday, karen, kaye and i went to araneta to catch the vertical horizon concert. they were fronted by the new rivermaya (not quite there yet, but pretty okay) while comedian jamie kennedy provided a nice intermission for the eager crowd at the jampacked venue.

(photo taken by karen, girlfriend extraordinaire)

nevermind that me and karen went through the traffic-filled streets of makati during rush hour. nevermind that we got three seats that weren't next to each other (well two of them were. guess who made the sacrifice of sitting alone?) nevermind that i had to sit behind the most annoying group of teenagers ever. it was well worth it. they sang songs mostly from the "everything you want" album (including 'shackled'!), a couple from "go" and one from their upcoming album due early next year (i think). matt (lead vocals/guitar) surprised me because i din't know he was that good on the axe. damn. we weren't able to record that many vids like we did during the switchfoot concert because "it wasn't allowed" according to the ushers (what were those flashing lights then? stars?) all in all an amazing night.

• • • •

speaking of concerts, i came across some bits of juicy news about the foreign acts set to come to the philippines next year. (these are still unconfirmed so don't go telling your friends just yet okay? )

• we all know this band. in fact, i would hazard that almost all of us DIG them. their arrival is a return trip, having had a succesful concert a few years back. you'd have to PARDON ME though if i can't spare any more details on this.

• this bubblegum boyband member turned soulful, hip singer brought SEXY BACK to the worldwide music scene. if ever he pushes through with coming here, you can be sure that he is gonna ROCK YOUR BODY like no one can.

• a band with a flair for infectious melodies and lyrics, one who can make groove even on a lazy SUNDAY MORNING. it really MAKES ME WONDER if they really are coming.

• this pop icon has been through so many transformations that' it's just BORDERLINE crazy not to know who she is. geisha, new age hippie, crazy whore or all-american lady, she is always in VOGUE. all you ladies would not want to miss this one.

• a band that prolly needs no introductions, a band that's like a MIRACLE DRUG for your VERTIGO. i'm definitely gonna see them WITH OR WITHOUT YOU, friends.

i repeat, these infos are sketchy at best. still, it never hurts to be prepared so start saving up for dem concert tickets. i know i will.

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  1. neil pala to pre!

  2. March 9---incubus! araneta pare..nasa pinas ako nun! nuod ako

  3. neil: ako pinag-iisipan pa e pero... game! haha


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