time is on my side. yes it is. or not.

Monday, November 26, 2007

i woke up this morning late again as usual. i cursed loudly as i got out of bed, vaguely remembering how i heard my alarm go off at 6am. how can it be 7:30 already?

for as long as i can remember, being on time has always been a problem for me. i can't recall how many times i've been late for school, work, appointments and gimiks due to my blatant disregard for time. there was this instance when i was demoted from being a best man at a friend's wedding because i arrived more than an hour late at the church (in defense, that said church was in laguna but yeah) i've been trying to improve on that aspect and so far i've been fairly succesful, but there are times when i just find myself slipping into my old routine. mornings are the hardest. of course it doesn't help that i have trouble sleeping at night, aside from the occasional waking-up-at-odd-hours-of-the-morning schtick.

i wish the flailing stopped there but wait, there's more! *in a forced british accent*

my tardiness isn't just limited to the obvious but in other aspects of my life as well. i was "late" to graduate from college. i started drinking, smoking and partying "late". i started working "late".

see where i'm going with this?

sometimes i wish i could relive some parts of my life, you know? just LIVE it. a life without reservation, without compunction, without regret.

maybe then i wouldn't feel like i've wasted most of the time i spent here on this earth.

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  1. i remember one episode of sex & the city where carrie mentioned that she never wears a watch. sigh. what a luxury not being bounded by time.

  2. chels: i used to wear a watch, then stopped during college. hmm. you may have something there lol

  3. im never late...but always 30 seconds early! and yeah, i also stopped wearing a watch in college...but in my current job, i think i need to use one again... can't afford to be late for client calls!

  4. probably you can start by changing your blog title. ;-)

  5. sarah: i'm hopeless, i get it. no need ta rub it in. :(

    bes: and prolly i can punch your throat. i hate smartasses.


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