haphazard conclusions: #1

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

isn't it funny how life violently rapes your ass eventhough you do your damndest to make everything peachy? that you realize that no matter how much you try to give your best in something you are doomed to almost always fail?

the idea is unoriginal, i know. i just wanted to vent.

fuck you.

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  1. But just like what that line says: fate is like rape, you might as well enjoy it.

    Yet when you think of it, was there ever a rape victim who actually relished the experience? *scratches head*

  2. jae: okay, you've officially creeped me out. (O_o)

  3. I didn't mean to. Haha. I just read that line from someone's blog. No kidding. Want the link? =p

  4. stop listening to simple plan or linkin park man, haha

  5. quentin: excuse me mister i'm-wearing-a-sando-in-my-profile-pic but i don't listen to those bands. i prefer the more refined and substantial sound of the moffats or that gay guy who sang "if you're not the one".


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