reality check and a bowl of cereal.

Friday, November 30, 2007

i'm sitting in front my laptop at 2:30 in the morning unable to sleep, still shaking my head over the bizarre chain of events that happened just this morning. a group of anti-government people led by antonio trillanes IV and a general lim holed up in a makati hotel after walking out of trial in a court in makati earlier as a protest to what they branded as a crooked administration. me and my officemates watched every scene unfold; from the statement made by the duo, to the deployment of troops by the president, the teargas, the forced entry and the arrests. i listened to each update with morbid fascination, growing more and more disturbed by the developments that ensued.

i have never been interested in philippine politics, and i sure as hell don't give a fuck about it. call me ignorant or judgemental, but i just don't see the point. i'm sure there are a lot of competent leaders out there but.. okay i'm actually sure that i'm NOT sure. that's the reason why up until now, i have yet to apply for a voter's license. even if i do, it would be for the sole purpose of having a legal ID. something i think is more valuable to me than my right to suffrage.

but i digress.

the aforementioned circus today left me wondering if i had been wrong to simply dismiss politics in the past and that it would be better to pay a little bit more attention from now on. maybe my opinions won't matter either way, but at least i'd be aware of what's happening around me and how it will affect me. maybe if this curfew thingie becomes a regular thing i could use the extra awake-time to do some research and shit. it won't be an easy task see, since old habits die hard. several minutes after starting to write this i quit watching the late-night news and switched to wrestling while munching on a yummy bowl of cereal.

in time, baby. in time.

(p.s. i realize that after writing this i would come off sounding like a total idiot so yeah. great. fuck you.)

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  1. pfff politics. too many clowns, not enough circuses.

    i for one, have given up on anything good that'll come out of it all. i just treat it like a noon time variety show -- it's all show, no substantial value.

    yeah yeah, a national hero would be spinning in his grave right now because of what i just said, but then again, this IS reality. and it's biting me the last two decades of my life.

  2. quents: let him spin man. if he were alive today he'd have given up and said "fuck it" too. philippine politics is worthless, end of story. unless god himself appoints our leaders, i wouldn't change my opinion on it.


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