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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

wow. i just realized that i haven't had a decent update in weeks (okay if you're going to be technical about the term 'decent' then i guess it's been more than weeks. happy now?) i've been giving the internet the cold shoulder to devote more time to other, more important stuff that i've been neglecting: computer games and TV.

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dencio recommended an RPG to me last week called dungeon siege 2. when he told me that the game looked like diablo 2, i was half-excited and half-cynical. i mean c'mon, we're talking about one of the most awesomest games ever made! curiosity got the better of me tho, so i got the installer CD's from him and tried it out. now i'll say, i'll say this much, it really is pretty much like diablo 2. (rare items, interchangeable looks from different armors, etc) the main difference is the fact that the characters are dynamic and aren't restricted to one class per race, wherein in diablo you have a choice of 6, max. you can also control up to 5(?) characters at once in your party, and it's fun to experiment with different combos that'll help you survive the game. the graphics are not bad, and the various camera angles give the gameplay that extra oomph (not to mention dizzy spells for those not used to rotating cams a la warcraft). my only gripe is that sometimes the npc's talk a lot of BS. the story itself is so-so, but i dunno. i'm still gonna give this baby a chance. besides, i haven't completed any of the set items yet.

procrastinator rating: 7 out of 10 stars

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after finishing the past 5 seasons of smallville, i finally got myself a copy of season 6. i really don't know what keeps me watching it, honestly. is it the dawson's creek-like treatment of the story? my unnatural interest in anything and everything related to comics? is it kristin kreuk's smile? the show churns out more cheese than a mutated cow but i still find myself compelled to follow it. there were a lot of cool stuff in here, like the justice league, the appearance of martian manhunter and bizarro, chloe being meteor-infected, and the lana-lex nuptials. it was pretty okay, predictability and aforementioned cheese nothwithstanding.

procrastinator rating: 6.5 out of 10 stars

• • • •

speaking of tv, i have heard some news about 'heroes' being ended prematurely because of the ongoing strike by the writer's guild of america. now i don't wanna be selfish but dammit i hope this gets ironed out soon. i mean, the only reason my officemates don't beat the hell out of me is because i promise them new episodes every week. i don't wanna quit my job and go into hiding. again.

read the story HERE and HERE.

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  1. omg. the last game i ever played was diablo 1. back when i had a lot of time in me hands, when i was bumming around.

  2. chels: you mean you never got to play diablo 2?? what's wrong with you?? go out, buy the cd and play hotdammit!

  3. ive never been into games. the only time i stumbled upon diablo 1 was when i was doing a research for my thesis eons ago. i also discover mirc, which explains why i never got to finish my thesis in grad school. i was able to finish diablo 1, got an online life, and flunked thesis 1 as well. i promised myself id never lay me hands on any pc game again. but then ex who was my bf some time ago let me play dota which he was so obssessed with. twas worse than having another woman. thats the time when he became an ex.

  4. several months ago, I was looking for any, and I mean ANY, game that could capture my interest.

    what's interesting about it is all this time I am looking for an impressive clone for Diablo 2.

    I played that cursed game on and off for five years, going on battle.net and stuff. i'd spend nights thinking of an impressive, unique build and all that geekiness-laden dreams.

    it was cool until dial-up modem couldn't cut it anymore :D

    when i saw dungeon siege 1 then, the first people impression was that it's a D2 clone and i was like "feh, wannabees". yet afterwards I played Sacred, which looks to be a D2 clone but full of goddamn bugs.

    so i wait for a good D2 successor ...

  5. chels: i guess this isn't a good time to tell you that i absolutely adore DotA, no? :p

    quents: i know what you mean man. diablo 2 became the barometer of all rpg games i played since. nothing really cut it. i tried sacred for a while too but got bored after a few weeks of playing. i haven't played dungeon siege 1 but i read about it on the net when i did research for 2. believe me, DS 2 IS diablo 2 in disguise. try it out. :D

  6. i'm not a smallville fan, but i've a crush on the bald guy.

  7. I love diablo II..it's my all time favorite PC game :)

  8. I love Smallville. I particularly didn't like season 6.

  9. niki: he's more interesting than clark, who's about as emotional as a pair of pants.

    pam: but.. you're a girl!

    dre: too much cheese huh? :D


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