my uninteresting desktop.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

got tagged by chelsea.

the instructions say you have to post a screenshot of your desktop. (ok not really "have to", but i digress.) i opted to post my MAC desktop from work since i spend most of my time here anyways.

i am a sucker for a clean desktop, so as you can see the only items there are 1) my current project, 2) a "miscellaneous" folder for whatever i'm doing on the side (in this case the gf's images from her multiply homepage) and 3) toast files of the frozen throne/DoTA. (you never know when an officemate will create a game server. it pays to be vigilant.) besides, that's what the dock is for.

i also keep several programs open in the background:

1) photoshop (i can't get over the fact that the PS workspace in the PC doesn't exist in MAC. weird.)
2) macromedia freehand MX
3) yahoo messenger (jurassic compared to PC versions.)
4) twitterific (a twitter app for MAC)
5) safari

i am tagging ayeth, pam, quentin, sarah and dax.

oh, and god too. i wanna see what his desktop looks like.

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