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Monday, November 19, 2007

last saturday i went to cubao to meet up with karen and a friend to check out the lomolove too event. i din't know what to expect; all i knew was that there would be a bazaar there that would sell various cameras so i was quite surprised that a good number of people (mostly the artsy types) were there at the cubao expo. it was my first time there, and after circling the area a few times i felt the urge to kick myself in the balls. why haven't i heard of this place before? it was amazing. small boutiques lined the streets, offering gems ranging from comic books to vintage stuff to ukays. there were photo and art galleries, and even a big projector that shows a variety of films. it was a haven of the arts. that same urge reared its ugly head once again when i realized that i FORGOT to bring my camera with me. i could have easily snapped photos using my camfone, but seeing almost everybody with a camera slung around their necks, i decided against it. (stupid pride. i know.) i settled for stealing some shots from karen's newly-purchased vivitar panoramic cam. the day also marked the opening of four new shops on the strip and several bands played to the delight of the slightly inebriated crowd. there are still events lined up every saturday for this month, so do check it out if you're into the arts. i know i will, hopefully with my camera next time. =]

read more details about the event HERE

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i stumbled upon SOMETHING on the net that made me wet my pants: vertical horizon will be in manila next month!

this is gonna be one hell of a show. if anyone has any details on this one, please lemme know. alright? good.

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finally, after a while, the superband from the south is back with their fourth studio album!

click on the pic to download the songs.

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and now for the phrase of the day, because all of us need to laugh more often:

"don't touch my gaiman!"
-- mark, beyond advertising creative head upon seeing me trying to hide his "m is for magic" book.

(ordinarily i wouldn't find this funny, but he pronounced gaiman's surname as "GAY MAN" so yeah. got it? good.)

now go out and do something stupid. later.

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