Friday, October 19, 2007

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"what is it that holds a man together, yet pulls him in different directions all at once?"

"his SOUL."

-- uncanny x-men #350, penciled by joe madureira, written by steve seagle and scott lobdell

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  1. kuya, if only you could follow your dick for once. it doesn't pull you in all directions, it doesn't think and it knows what it want. simple.

    lollers. biro lang. [+] for the checkered canvass shoe. every cool guy has one.

  2. darth: you got that wrong stupet. the dick pulls you to having sex and it thinks of only sex. also, it knows what it wants, which is sex. see a pattern there?

    niki: thanks. :D

  3. i miss the time when im eggcited going to hifi to check what new posts are there. sigh. this wouldve been perfect. *pats*

    nga pala. psst i tagged you.

    check my my blog

  4. ahh, i for one, can still remember joe madureira's hand with those x-men ish.

  5. weh kung kelan nagbalik ako sa blogging world eh antipid mo naman magpost.... ^___^.... uuuyyy....bisi-bisihan...

  6. chels: how coincidental that this image i posted would actually be my desktop wally too lol

    quents: yeah i know. i hate that lazy bastard.

    sarah: um.. no comment! lol


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