beer and rain don't mix. (part deux)

Monday, October 01, 2007

saturday me, pe, kel and ohme went to balsa sa niugan, one of the more popular hangout places in my beloved hometown. most weekends we just stay at our place and just help ourselves to liters and liters of red horse so that night we decided a little change in scenery was in order.

we talked about a lot of stuff duing the session. upcoming goodbyes, new beginnings and everything in between. it gave me a sense of joy, knowing how far we've come as friends. it's always amusing to reminisce about the fact that when we all started hanging out, all we did was play basketball and arcade games. conversation topics were limited to shallow, impersonal stuff.

the rain started to pour, and so did opinions, ideas and plans: honest, unbidden and sincere. we talked nonstop for hours till a waiter told us that it was time for last call. we told him we've had anough already and we'd just nurse our remaining beers.

we finished just over half a case of red horse that night. even kel, our resident non-alcoholic, made it to 2 bottles before passing out going to the bathroom, splashing cold water on his face and bidding us adieu. i went home with a more-than-your-average buzz, my mind a hazy slush of alcohol and memories. right then and there, i knew.

this was the start, the first of many endings.

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  1. huhuhu larreeee nakakaiyak naman to

    cheer up na, la. we will always be friends. no matter what :)


  2. kab: well yeah i guess. it's just really sucky is all.


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