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Friday, October 05, 2007

saw these in my inbox this morning and i think i almost had an epiphany. my hands were shaking, i had shortness of breath, and i swear it was so bright anywhere i looked.

(of course it could have been from the fact that i was laughing so hard that i almost choked on my own tears but wooteva.)

oh crikey! (cue lighting and religious sound effects here)

i can? srsly?

god, i know i am not the most religious person in the world and my spiritual life leaves much to be desired. thank you for reaching out to me.

um, ex-links?

+ + + +

so okay, i know this post is 2 weeks delayed but.. "heroes" is BACK!

i've watched the first two episodes of the second season and though it wasn't as "HOTDAMMIT that was AW-SAM!" as the first few episodes of the first season, it was still interesting enough to sustain my interest. parkman is now a full-fledged cop, hiro has met takezo kensei, mr. nakamura is dead, mohinder and noah are working together, peter has amnesia and nathan is an angry alcoholic!

yay for plot threads that just keep getting twisted and convoluted!

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  1. Friend'ing God?? lol

    As for Heroes, I have mixed reaction on the season premiere. On one hand, I was thrilled to have the 'fanservice' ('HoYay!', House of M, nekkid Peter, etc. I guess that works only for females. Well, some males, too.) presented by Kring, etc. On the other hand, I thought it lacked cohesive flow. Too many stuff crammed with very jerky transitions. Other than the funny with the adventures of SAARRKKKKK! and Hiro, it was a underwhelming. They should have pushed the Wonder Twins and the emo-stalker-flying dude later on the second ep. At least, Mo and HRG are a duo now.

    P.S. I can't believe they killed Sulu.

  2. ten: well, if the first season is any indication, we can expect more dragging, seemingly-useless stuff that will eventually explode in our faces later. =]

    also, the "hiro-is-kensei" bit is a tad too predictable. any idiot can see that happening. and yeah, too bad about daddy nakamura. :(


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