kristi's birthday bash.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

went to villa gregoria in nagcarlan, laguna last saturday to celebrate kristi's birthday. the place really din't offer anything out of the ordinary, but i guess the company more than made up for it.

kristi and yap brought along a lot of food, prolly enough to feed an entire family for a week. of course they din't forget the booze.

i guess the biggest difference of this place from any other resort i've been was the chlorine-free waters (i was told they got water directly from rivers). since highschool, i've had this nasty allergy that makes the skin in my thigh and legs itchy and swollen everytime i took a dip in pools, which sucks sour frog ass. in fact, i wasn't even planning on swimming but when i learned of this interesting tidbit of information, i had to test the waters, so to speak. haha. whatta pun. i'm so funneeh.

check out more pics HERE.

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