dare you to move: switchfoot live in manila!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

the experience was too surreal for words.

i had been anticipating the show for weeks, and despite some minor bumps during the day (including a tussle with an officemate and an "OMG-we're-going-to-be-late-we're-not-gonna-make-it" episode"), we arrived at cuneta astrodome a little after 8, only slightly worse for wear. we went through the gates, found our seats and comfortably settled in. a few minutes later, the lights slowly dimmed and the crowd roared. the show was about to start.

salamin, switchfoot's front act, came out on stage and performed 3 of their songs. i wasn't really paying attention because i wasn't that into them. (to me they just sound like dicta license, which i like better) after a few words from bamboo clone and band vocalist paolo valenciano, the lights went out again in preparation for the night's main event.

switchfoot came out a few minutes later, and proceeded to rock the foundations of the stadium with god's music. ok not really. they kicked things off with one of their recent songs, "oh gravity", then went on to play an awesome set that included:

• stars
• dare you to move
• american dream
• this is your life
• more than fine
• learning to breathe
• chem 6a
• gone
• on fire
• awakening
• meant to live

they capped off the show with "only hope", with lead singer jonathan foreman going solo-acoustic for the first few minutes of the song. the bandmates later joined in during the final parts, which they segued into a power-packed rendition of "we are one tonight". me, kaye and karen went trigger happy, snapping pics and recording videos of the performances. (i don't think i'll post them tho, save for the images i used here. they're all blurry anyways, save for one magnificent shot by my baby. and the vids? poor quality best kept for personal amusement.)

thanks to cathie, one of the people involved in the show, for providing me with tickets. you made my two ladies very very happy. oh, and thanks too for helping us score some shirts.

the concert was for the benefit of the international justice mission (IJM).

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  1. tj: i don't exactly know how to respond to this comment so..

    sabihin na lang natin na me iba-iba tayong pananaw sa buhay. iba-iba ng paggamit ng mga salita. pwedeng ang "surreal" para sa kin e "stupid" sa tingin mo, tulad halimbawa ng komento mo na siguro sa tingin mo ay "smartass" o "bibo" pero sa tingin ko naman ay simpleng pagiging "asshole" lang.

    semantics sure are fun.

  2. at syempre, nainggit naman ako.

    bwiset na finals to o!


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