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Saturday, August 04, 2007

i woke up to the glaring face of the sun this morning, my eyes hurting from the bright orb that showed through my small window. a few minutes passed and my vision adjusted to the intrusion of light. as i got out of bed, i only had one thought.

this is going to be a good day.

+ + + +

i've been itching to write something worthwile the past few weeks, but my mind just goes wandering everytime i try to do so. i guess i'm really not much of a writer, one that can go on for a good 5 or so paragaraphs of pure coherence and sense. i thought to myself 'then what the fuck am i blogging for?' then quickly realized something: who gives a flying fuck? i write for my personal enjoyment, not for anybody elses. sure, i feel flattered when i get comments but it's not like i'm itching for them.

the birth of this site 2 years ago was largely due to the fact that i wanted a place to unload my thoughts, my angst, my frustrations. over the years those emotions slowly ebbed away till nothing was left. now i'm in a happy place so i guess the entries reflect that side of me: stupid, senseless and downright silly. and anybody who knows me well can truly say how much i love silly.

+ + + +

some long-overdue thoughts:

the simpson's movie was awesome.. if you're a fan. i doubt some people would say so after watching it. it was nothing spectacular, there was nothing new, and the humor was what it always has been. for me, this was a case of familiarity, and i had fun watching even though it felt like it was just an extended tv episode.

ratatouille was a different matter altogether. although a bit long, it was one of the most funny and engaging movies i've watched this year. the film reminded me how passion drives all of us to try and be a better version of our current selves.

• the more i strive to work harder, the more work i find myself getting. i don't mind at all but.. i just don't like the way it eats up most of my time. last night i met up with friends i haven't seen in months and i sat quietly in a corner, when normally i would have been in the middle of every conversation. and i only had a bottle of beer! a BOTTLE! i mean honestly, that's just fucked up!

+ + + +

as i was finishing up this entry, i saw the sun hide behind a thick swirl of cloud. the brightness that accompanied my morning disappeared just like that, replaced by the gloom and threat of impending rain.

yup. a good day indeed.

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