friday madness.

Friday, August 24, 2007

"bones sinking like stones
all that we've fought for
all these places we've grown
all of us are done for

and we live in a beautiful world
yeah we do, yeah we do
we live in a beautiful world"

--- don't panic, coldplay

somehow, i don't agree with mister martin on this one. the world isn't beautiful, it's stupid. we live in a stupid world.

a world so stupid, we need instant everythings: instant noodles, instant coffees, instant education and instant celebrities;

a world so stupid, you'd find that "common sense" isn't so common after all;

a world so stupid, that people would use you for their own selfish purposes then dump you for somebody who looks like mig ayesa after a full scale brawl and whose interests rival that of a 4-year-old;

a world so stupid, that leaders of the so-called free world fail to cooperate with each other to make the world we live in a better place;

a world so stupid, that sometimes no matter how hard you try to make your life better, it would always find a way to kick you in the balls. or ovaries. wuteva;

a world so stupid, that no matter how beautiful you think your life is you'd keep finding something lacking in it;

a world so stupid, you'd realize it's full of stupid people who do stupid things and think stupid thoughts;

a world so stupid, sometimes you'd wonder why we even try at all.

pardon the post. i accidentally swallowed a bitter pill and i can't seem to spit it out. now leave me alone.

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