the malling/kabab adventure with karen.

Monday, August 20, 2007

after a couple of weeks of rain, the sun finally shone this morning, so me and karen finally had the chance to go out after a week of not being able to see each other. i had trouble enough going to work while the skies wreaked havoc on the metro a few days ago, so you can just imagine if i had to meet up with her after office hours. the trip home would be killer. (what's that? larry the wuss has no time for the gf you say? fuck you. you don't live in malabon so you have no idea whatcher talking about.)

we met up in trinoma earlier this afternoon to look around and to exchange that darned pair of shoes i got for her that were too big. i also got myself a new pick to match my new guitar. *ahem* after a few hours, i told her that i'd finally do something i'd promised her a while back, and that is to take her to mister kabab for dinner.

mister kabab is a small resto located at the corner of west avenue and quezon avenue that serves a slew of heavenly middle-eastern grub. the place was introduced to me by friends way back when i was still studying in UP, and i have tons of fond memories there. i remember countless lunch breaks when we would trek the traffic-filled streets from the university going to this place just for a quick meal.

we arrived at kabab a few minutes later, and we had to wait a bit because of the number of people waiting to be seated. once inside, i immediately beckoned to a waitress and placed our orders: 2 plates of special chelo-kabab* and a plate of keema with eggplant. while waiting for our orders, i told karen a few pointers. well actually, just two:

one, to slather her plate with as much sour cream sauce as humanly possible, and;

two, to use the hot sauce sparingly. (it was decievingly normal, but after the time i put on a little too much of the stuff and my tongue became swollen for weeks, i learned to respect the red sauce which i hear was forged from the depths of hell by the devil himself.)

i wanted to order other dishes so she could sample more of the food there, but knowing how filling the chelo-kababs were, i decided against it. the meal was awesome as usual, and i had to order an extra round of sinful rice** to finish off my kababs. karen liked it so much she even ordered take-out so she can have more keema goodness tomorrow for lunch. guess i'll just have to take her back there one of these days. she hasn't tried the shakes yet. and the shawarma. and the-- nevermind.

i'll stop talking now cause i'm getting hungry again and i'm starting to munch on our sofa.

* curiously, this is a consistent order for me everytime i go here. wtf.
** sinful rice, because it's topped with a large block of margarine. tasty, yes. sinful, VERY.

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  1. Bro, can u give address or the least direction how to get to that place?

  2. this post is making me hungry. waa.

  3. it's at the corner of west ave. and quezon ave where pimps and man whores thrive. a good target market.

  4. jhan: i've been trying to get ahold of you on YM. it's like i said, corner of west ave. and quezon ave.

    niki: have you tried the place yet?

    anonymous: no names? kaman don't be shy. :D


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