Sunday, July 01, 2007

me and karen went to see "zsazsa zaturnnah: ze muzikal" at the RCBC plaza last night. i know she had been dying to see it eversince she read the comic book about a year ago so i decided to buy us some tickets as a partial birthday gift to her.

we arrived at the theater 30 minutes before the 8pm show. a lot of the patrons were already there, and what surprised me the most is the number of heterosexual people who were in attendance, mostly couples who looked like the guy was dragged kicking and screaming against their will by their girlfriends.(baby, you know i ain't one of them right?) that isn't to say tho, that the number of homosexual people were outnumbered. no. far from it. i felt like i was in a gay pride convention. they came in all shapes an sizes, all manner and demeanor. i almost felt out of place.

i haven't had that much experience watching stage plays, but not for lack of interest. it just seemed like i was out of the loop so to speak, not really coming across any news about that particular segment of the arts. i think the last thing i watched was shakespeare's "a midsummer night's dream" way back when i was in highschool. i too have read the ZZZ comic book but it wasn't really thinking about it as the lights dimmed, signaling the start of the show. what happened next could only be described as magical. it was all there: the giant frog, the amazonistas and their exaggerated introductions, the transformation of ada to zsazsa, and of course the crass but witty dialogue (with a few adlibs thrown in by most of the cast.) it made me remember why as a kid, i always enjoyed acting in school plays. you held the audience at the palm of your hand, awaiting every single bit of nonsense that comes from your mouth, and the characters did just that. it was so funny, so original that i found myself laughing out loud a little louder than usual, even in the musical numbers (not really a fan of it, andrew e and his movies ruined it for me) which were to a degree, at the risk being redundant, very original. the actor who played didi was the scene-stealer of the play. whenever he came out you can be sure of a hilarious moment. the actor for ada was terrific too, bringing the perfect balance of gayness and vulnerability needed for the role. kaye brosas played zsazsa, which in my opinion is a better choice than eula. (who, incidentally, was there. rawr. wasn't able to take a pic tho.) damn, even the stage and the props had character. that swivel door was just genius.



zsazsa zaturnnah

congratulations to all those involved in the play.

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  1. nakakainggit! gusto ko din manood nyan.


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