an open letter to the people that my girlfriend works with.

Friday, June 29, 2007

to whom it may concern,

it has come to my attention that some of you have been giving my girlfriend a hard time. now everybody who knows me knows how objective i am when it comes to things. everytime karen talks to me about what a horrible day she had at work, i always keep it a point to try and fathom the thoughts behind the stuff you say or do to her but sadly, it has come to the point where i can't rationalize your actions any longer. just the other day, she came to me, almost in tears because she couldn't take your insanities anymore. my heart went out to her because she is one of the nicest people i have ever met, and she doesn't deserve to be treated badly by anybody.

while i know it's not my business to nitpick on anyone's workplace or the people that run it, the moment you started putting karen down constantly and without sufficient reason, you gave me the authority to say whatever the fuck i want.

to: the butt-ugly FA artist who keeps on embarassing karen:

fuck you. you have no business shouting at my gf whenever you fucking feel like it. you're lucky she even briefs you on your projects for the day despite your unwarranted rudeness towards her. i don't care if you look like the undertaker on a year-long eating binge. if ever you go and be a dick at her again, i swear i will fucking punch your teeth in.

to: the supposed "boss" of karen:

i am quite dissapointed in you for a number of reasons. number 1: that situation with the butt-ugly FA artist. sure, you say you tried again and again to rectify that, but honestly i don't think you tried enough. they keep on fighting and any idiot can and prolly will tell you that it is your duty to bring your foot down. it really doesn't help to say "kaya nyo na yan, matanda na kayo." you were appointed a rank and it is your fucking responsibility to see to it that the people under you have a semblance of a peaceful working enviroment. number two: your unpredictable mood. everybody has bad days. i get that. it's a different matter altogether though, if you let that affect your work behavior. you don't act rude to her just because. you don't act like a fucking highschooler who had a fight with your mommy over a prom dress when you don't get your way. you don't take a leave and snap at karen if she calls you to ask about stuff. it's part of your fucking RESPONSIBILITY ( i can't stress that point hard enough). maybe you should take lessons from her about the concept. which brings me to number three: you are fucking CONFUSING. you snap at her when she takes the initiative cause SHE DOESN'T WANT TO BOTHER YOU WITH PETTY DETAILS THAT SHE CAN HANDLE, yet you bash her even more when she waits for your approval on things that you and ONLY YOU have the final say on. i mean, what the fuck? are you fucking schizo?

i don't think that karen is completely without fault in all of this. i know she has her shortcomings. what's undeniable is that every fucking day, even with your constant attempts at breaking her down, she tries very hard to do what is asked of her. that is what you call PROFESSIONALISM. which, sad to say, you don't fucking have.

i hope you two rot in hell someday.

sincerely (and i mean SINCERELY) yours,

p.s. fuck. you.

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  1. she ever thought of getting outta there? some places are not worth staying

  2. i agree. am sure there are other places where all her efforts are worth it. ano? i-sa-salvage na ba?

  3. she doesn't have to prove she's worthy when all their eyes and ears are dead close of seeing her true value. Sometimes, quittig is the best option you can take.

  4. quentin, chels and jhan: thanks for the sympathy. karen doesn't want to quit just yet e. that's how patient she is. besides, she loves her job, even though there is an abundance of assholes in there.

  5. bravo larry! sana mabasa nga nila ito. sarap i-print tapos ipadala dun!!!

    and yes, Karen really loves her work. karma karma lang 'yan. babawi si God. pwamis!



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