a new beginning

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

hey everyone.. i felt the need to create a new blog, seeing as everything around me seems to be changing and shifting. i need to keep up, right?

this is an escape too, i think. an escape from recent events. events that tear my heart still.

kitty and i broke up last week, and since then, i've been in a funk. a restlessness i can't quite comprehend. the world seems bigger now, more scary. the colors seem to have faded a bit; everything seems a bit duller. the chirping of the birds and people's laughter are muted in my head. everything moves in high gear while i limp along in slow motion. i seem to have lost all sense of direction.

i tried my best. i really tried. and still, after all that's happened, after we've ended, she still thinks i wasn't good enough. i don't blame her though. i guess she just din't get the big picture. she din't know how much she meant to me. still means to me. and now.. i guess she never will.

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