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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

okay as i'm writing this i am still trying to get rid of the bad taste spiderman 3 left in my mouth. i got to see it last sunday and well, it left me terribly disappointed. everything was just fucked up. i wrote this comment on one of the threads about spidey in highfiber as a reaction on the movie:

"...i scored it half half. a lot of good things, a lot of bad ones too. i guess it pretty much goes without saying that i abso-fucking-lutely hated emo spidey. i was half-expecting him to belt out one of my chemical romance’s songs. ugh. they should have concentrated more on BLACK SPIDEY beating the crap out of ordinary thugs. that would have been more cool. also, i hate the way the spider-sense was eased out. it is always on for chrisssakes. it’s one of the most awesome things about the webhead. also, it would have made for a better venom. see, in the comics, he was the only one among spidey’s villains that din’t trigger it; that was one of the things that made spiderman so afraid of venom (aside from the fact that he’s BIG and UGLY.) i am really REALLY hoping for spiderman 4, if only to make up for the blunder that was 3..."

i also din't like: sandman being the "real" uncle ben killer (and his "i'm sorry" speech at the end was just LAME), venom's wussiness and him looking like a malnourished elephant (and why the hell din't he refer to himself as 'WE'? idiots.) this movie reminded me why previous comic-to-film translations failed. all hype, no substance. maybe it's because i am a friggin' fanboy why this din't do it for me. i keep expecting every one of them to stay true to the comics.

(sudden reality check: movie-mad mobs outnumber comic geeks. guess which market the producers will cater to?)

shut up, brain.

oh well. but, being the optimistic person that i am (aside from the fact that i am really a sucker for commercial movies), i am still hoping that the upcoming films from the genre will turn out to be good, especially since the news i read about them here in the net have been promising:

* "transformers" looks decent enough to check out.

* saw some of the the "iron man" promo pics and the armor looks hella cool! i don't like robert downey jr. playing tony stark however; the only thing they have in common is alcohol addiction.

* a "hulk" sequel/prequel is soon to start filming this year, and will star edward fucking norton as banner and liv tyler as betty ross! how awesome would that be? from what i read, the movie would concentrate more on the jekyll/hyde struggle of banner rather than the trash we all saw the first time around. whoever cast norton is a fucking genius.

if the people behind these upcoming films get to read this, please please PLEASE don't ruin the geeky dreams of this comic fanboy?

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