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Thursday, May 10, 2007

i saw the latest episode of "heroes" the other day. it was pretty much a filler, a set-up for the final two chapters of the first season. i finally got to see majority of the heroes meet up, and the tension was so thick it was suffocating. the people behind the show truly did an amazing job weaving a story that's engaging and interesting despite being a rehash of old stuff (think x-men and rising stars, a comic book series published by top cow in 1999.)

i can't wait to see the payoff in the next two weeks. a lot has happened, but my head is still spinning with questions: will mohinder ever learn what secrets his father kept about the heroes? will hiro kill sylar? who the fuck is the REAL bomb: sylar or peter? and how is lindermann, thompson, mama petrelli and hiro's dad connected to all of this madness? will i ever see peter cut off those emo bangs of his?

i am guessing the ending is gonna be a cliffhanger, much like all the other episodes have been. besides, i find it hard to believe that they can come up with an awesome, plausible conclusion for all this madness given that they have roughly just 2 hours to wrap it all up. i just hope that the series doesn't turn out to be a dud and give loyal followers like me a forced, lame last episode.

that being said, i have come up with possible scenarios for the much awaited season-ender:

scenario 1: peter and sylar meet again in the heart of new york. a fight starts, only to be interrupted by the government's secret weapon: dr. phil of "oprah" fame. the three sit down over coffee and discover that the reason behind peter and sylar's conflict is because of the intense attraction they feel for one another. the two embrace, fly off to the skies with tears in their eyes and explode in each other's arms. people of new york are disgusted.

scenario 2: hiro freezes time just as the bomb explodes. not knowing what to do, he opts for the one thing he does best: time-travel. he activates his power and ends up 20 years in the past. armed with renewed purpose, he sets out in the world, vowing to find the traitor to the x-men and prevent his bleak future from happe-- wait. this isn't x-men.

scenario 3: just before the bomb explodes, mohinder suresh wakes up, his father's notes on the foot of his bed. there are no heroes, no bomb, no special DNA. all he hears is the sound of his father's voice tealling him he's a "slacker" and that he should stop watching too much television. scene ends as a tear rolls down mohinder's face. viewers of the series are disgusted.

2 more episodes then the fun stops. how sad. boohoo.

if anyone wants to console me, you could send me a "heroes" shirt. there are tons of them ready to be ordered online. i'd really appreciate it. please? anyone? no?

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  1. tangina sir natawa ko dun ah....nice endings!...I sincerely do hope that they end this with a bang...

    next episode is about hiro's past...then we might know what is the role of hiro's father in all of this


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