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Friday, May 11, 2007

i was blog-hopping the other day and one of the sites i stumbled into was kai's, where i saw an entry about a free comics day event by comic odyssey. being the retard that i am, i left a comment in her shoutbox expressing how bummed i was that i missed it (and i was kinda hoping she would give me her free comics just in case she went). imagine my surprise when she replied in my tagboard about how (and i quote) "profound" and "cool" she found my writing was and that she was going to include my site in her "worthy reads" of the week, a feature she had just started doing on her site. i din't really take it seriously until i checked her site earlier and lo, there it was! (massive head.. too.. heavy.. must.. keep cool..)

seriously, thank you kai for bestowing upon me such honor. i hope you don't change your mind about my site being a worthy read after you finish plowing through my entries. i get hurt easily and i cry like a motherfucker. you wouldn't want that, would you?

anyway, an officemate stumbled upon an article this afternoon about how oral sex can lead to throat cancer (read about it here) and showed it to me. i have no further information to divulge because i stopped reading a few sentences after the title. i couldn't see through my tears of frustration and the computer screen became one big blur.

see, i told you i get hurt easily.

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  1. congrats, babe! i'm so proud of you! :D *hug*


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