Sunday, March 11, 2007

(if this entry doesn't make sense to you, forgive me. i am currently dead-ass drunk as i am typing this nonsense.)

* i made a new record! i went to work last monday at 11:30am and i got out EARLY WEDNESDAY MORNING at 4am! that's 40 hours, boyo. all in all, i was able to sneak in a grand total of 4 hours of sleep in between working, eating and hallucinating (i kid you not) so you can just imagine what state i was in. it felt like i was running on autopilot, my mind was gone as i was absentmindedly tapping away at the keyboard and fidgeting with the mouse. the only consolation i had was a surprise visit from karen, who went to see me tuesday night, on the eve of my birthday. she gave me her "pre-gift": a 10th anniversary edition comic book of calvin and hobbes, which i am a big fan of! yay!

i got to read the first few pages already, which consisted of notes from the author, bill waterson. what he wrote made me remember why i used to have this dream of becoming a comic book artist (maybe i still do.) it made me think of putting up my own mini-comics to be serialized here in my blog. i hope i find the time to do it. it kinda sounds exciting. =]

* i know it's hot commodity for some, but i am getting sick of the whole james yap-kris aquino-hope brouhaha. why people find fascination in the scandals in the lives of celebrities is beyond me. it's gotten way out of hand, what with the media adding the proverbial fuel to the fire. get the news out, talk about it for a week, then move on guys. there are a lot more issues that are more important than marital infidelity. say, for example, the latest act of insanity by pop princess britney spears. i read on the paper that she was heard shouting "i am the anti-christ!" by the attendants at the rehab center she's staying in right now.

see? showbiz scandals pale in comparison to news about the impending doom of mankind and the end of the world.

* bes is about to leave anew for butuan this sunday, but i'm guessing he won't be as lonely as before. reason: he got a new housemate!

francis is a pomeranian toy dog. that means he'll stay as small and as cute as he is today. i'm glad bes got him. at least francis will keep him company when he's all melancholic and stuff. cute li'l bugger ain't he?

* mom is gonna come home again! she wants to be here in time for my grandparents' 50th wedding anniversary on april 1. she says she'll be bringing my kid sister katlin with her. another yay! =]

* me and my friends drink often. most of the time, we do it by tagay, which means pouring bottles of beer in a pitcher with ice, and pouring the contents of said pitcher into a glass which is then passed around. now, what's weird about it is everytime we have a session, the ice we used that's left inside the pitcher (the kind you buy in sari-sari stores) takes on the shape of a fat dick in heat and i was thinking why this happens. i came up with several theories:

1. drinking is stereotyped as a male activity, thus the ice weiner is a symbol of said fact;

2. drinking excessive amounts of alcohol turn the drinkers into pricks, thus the shape. and;

3. drinking insane amounts of alcohol inhibits one's sexual capacity. thus, the ice weiner represents a graphic warning, pertaining slightly to the inability of the male member to cooperate fully when intoxicated (ok, i'm reaching here.)

thank you for taking part in this experiment i would like to call "a drunk man's uncontrollable need to babble incoherently".

excuse me. i think i'm gonna hurl.

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  1. for someone whose intoxicated.. you actually still make sense. plus dont ferget the effect of having only 4 hrs of sleep? argh. *headache*

  2. CM: you type so well for a drunk guy. that makes you a talented drunk typist. you should look into how much those people make, maybe consider an alternative career path just in case this one gets boring.

    shoot. i can't find a good layout for my site. i've been experimenting all afternoon but none seem to work fine with my huge photo posts. i'm sticking with the boring gray one in the meantime and risk not having you read my blogs if you ever visit my stupid site lol.

    hafi vertdey ulit! engeng tagay!

  3. yey! a pom! just like mine. He's YODA btw. Yoda meet Larry...the vampire.

    - JH

  4. hmmm haven't tried blogging while intoxicated...well not yet anyway... but i did try blogging while having a bad case of hangover and yeah, its one of the worst feelings in the world.

  5. chels: you can say that again. *groan*

    CM: i already did. i din't make the cut though. they said i was too "happy drunk" to write interesting stuff. layout's fine. i'm just gonna read from our house. like what i'm doing now. =]

    JH: i'm not a vampire you ninny. i'm a werewolf! =]

    sarah: try it! it's fun LOL


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