drug-induced daydreaming

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

i'm sick. again. i've been cooped up at home since sunday till now, battling fever, a funny tummy and asthma. it's really weird how i've been sickly the past few months. i mean, when i was young, aside from the occassional asthma attacks i was a healthy kid (must be the effects of all that smoking and drinking and late nights and... dammit. i don't wanna think about it anymore. it's too depressing.)i went to the clinic earlier this morning and the doctor gave me some antibiotics for whatever it is i have, and i have to take it for the next seven days. hassle.

during one of my bored stints here at home yesterday, i thought how it would be awesome to be someone else. someone else meaning fictional characters on TV. i mean, look at them. they got it good. they look great, they have stable jobs, and they lead interesting lives. i mean, sure, a lot of times they are faced with the danger of being killed by the villains, but come on. at least they don't call in sick to work because of severe diarrhea and shortness of breath.


who doesn't love this guy? he's spunky, witty, and hella funny. the son of homer and marge simpson, he is mischief personified. if i were him for a day, i would prolly pull a prank on everyone i know, from milhouse to the twins, to ralph to that fag flanders and his equally gay kids. then i'd end it all by beating that stupid clown krusty to death with his own large-ass shoes and blowing my cartoon head off with chief wiggum's service firearm. i'm sure bart would want to go out that way. or something.


he flies, he heals, he turns invisible, he paints the future, plus the unlimited potential of acquiring more powers over time. how cool is that? cool enough for me to overlook the fact that he talks like a drunk sylvester stallone (yes, that whole my-mouth-is-naturally-angled-like-that thing).

oh, and i'm sure dem wimmen will dig the tuck-my-hair-long-bangs hairstyle.


intense, precise, and hopelessly obsessive-compulsive, scofield is as cold and calculating as anyone can get. despite that though, he has a soft spot for those who are unable to defend themselves. amazingly, he can intimidate without resorting to violence, and he almost always gets what he wants. i'd gladly go to prison if it means being as intelligent as scofield.

plus, i'd have that brooding, serious guy look. wimmen dig that.


who wouldn't want to be SUPER? super-hearing, super-strength, super-vision, super-breath, blah-blah etc. i'm sure i'd have a lot of fun if i was in his shoes though admittedly, i would try to ditch the whole boy-scout schtick he has. no matter what your friends tell you, nobody likes a square. and, i definitely would do something bout the lovelife. jeezus he has lana, chloe and lois! wimmen. that is his REAL kryptonite.

+ + + +

speaking of "heroes"... they are on another break! episode 19 is slated for showing on april 23, and before episode 23 hits (which, according to the producer tim kring is the season finale), there's gonna be another break! what the fuck is up with that? do they wanna give us "heroes" fanatics a friggin' heart attack?!

i need my "heroes" fix NOW! *shakes violently*

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  1. ehem, so what goes with late nights? lol.

    i had a bad case of parasites too a few months back. my flatmate had the habit of slipping tap water to our coffee/ rice when she's the one preparing food. after paying stellar bills that my insurance didn't cover 100%, we've now gone completely mineral. none of these things were ever mentioned to my boyfriend cos he'll give me hell for allowing myself to go through it all.

    clark kent? sure you wanna look as gay and and evolve an annoyingly cliche sigh?


  2. CM: water is killer. i used to be a tap water kinda guy, but after going through what i did, i went mineral too. prevention is better than cure, right? though amoebiasis has its perks.. like losing 1 hefty 10-15 pounds in less than a month! (yeah i know. lazy bum LOL)

    dear, clark kent already IS a cliche. he is an american symbol for chrissakes. besides, i din't say i would actually live his life. i would insert some *ehem* facets of my personality too. i am as far off from a cliche as yer gonna get. =]


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