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Friday, February 09, 2007

i dunno if you guys have heard of this site before. (i know what you're gonna say ohme. shut up.) this site offers anybody the chance to view the whole world and pinpoint the EXACT location of their homes and/or favorite spots. the page takes quite a bit of time to load (or maybe it's just our net connection. boohoo.) and finding places can be such a strain, but it's fun. no really. it is. magnifying glasses and patience not included.

"i'm ready for my close-up, direk!"

the head-spinning, eye-hurting experience starts HERE.

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  1. OJ as in orangejooz?

    this wiki site is like google maps right?

    nakita ko na tong blogsite mo before pero i wasn't sure which hifier you were. ok lang po bang i-link kita sa site ko?

  2. AhaHaHaha!! mas laugh trip to kesa sa google earth! ang kukulet nung mga captions sa skul namen!

    - zidac

  3. oh, silly me. it's CM. :-)

  4. CM: sure. link away. that is if i can link you too. =]

    zidac: yeah haha. dami ko pang nakitang kabalastugan dito. that's pinoys fo' ya! =]


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