fuck you. and you.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

i abso-fucking-lutely hate people who get mad at you without telling you their reasons for doing so. i'm not a mindreader, so i guess it's only fair that they speak up. oh, and i forgot, we're friends, semi-related even. i really don't care if he doesn't feel the need to talk, but if my work suffers because he is too much of an asshole to check it, then we have a problem. just because he and i have different work ethics doesn't mean i'm not dedicated to my work.


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  1. oops... it's CM. i gotta stop doing that.

  2. i love you too (in response to your lovely title).

    silent treatment is the bitch, my boy.

  3. CM: haha. you're excused. i kinda like it. it gives you more character. not that you need any more hehe. by the way, still nothing from him.

  4. must be a wang problem. whatever that means.


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