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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

this popped into my mind the other day...

"i got lost in a train of thought.. then i realized that the train had already left the station."

what exactly does it mean? i dunno. it just sounded profound in my head.

+ + + +

"are you on the list?"

that's right, HEROES is BACK! haha. at the risk of sounding geeky (which, by the way, i admit i am), i must say that i missed this show. good thing though, that the wait was worth it. i got a hold of episodes 12 and 13 from ka last week, watched it and got hooked all over again. bring on episode 14!

+ + + +

happy birthday to my dearest sister KAREN (february 5) and my trusted bestfriend GEEJAY (february 7)!

wala bang celebration?!?

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  1. the first part aint non-sense at all. it actually means two things, right? nice playing with the words, like that. ;) ciao. thanks for droppin by.

  2. karmee: thanks for the compliment. it's nice ta be appreciated. =]


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