summer's here!

Monday, January 29, 2007

(yeah i know, i'm a tad early. ok, VERY early. so what? screw you, you killjoy.)

if there's one season that i look forward to every year, it has got to be summer. images of the bright sun, clear waters and beaches (not to mention the hot, bikini-cla-- oh, hi baby!) dance around in my head weeks before it actually starts. i've been fortunate enough to have gone to beautiful places already in recent years but still, it never seems enough and i keep wishing for the day that i could go back. this year is no different. and, it just so happens that some friends have already started making plans for this summer and boy, i am excited as hell!

* me and my college buds are going to have part two of surfing in la union! i have been raring to go back and i can't wait to get on a board again. maybe practice doing my flips for the upcoming surfing competition i'm planning on joi-- huh? whassat? sorry. these daydreams of mine are becoming more and more frequent.

* me, karen and her friends are going to boracay! i became insanely infatuated with the place the first time i went there and this time, there would be no *cough cough* financial constraints that'll stop me from having fun. this time, i will come prepared! haha. uh, hopefully.

* plus, a tentative plan of going to marinduque!

excuse me if it reads like i'm bragging. i'm just really excited about dem upcoming trips. i just hope my wallet can withstand the coming storm haha.

now if only i can get rid of this fucking beer belly by next month...

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  1. la! musta na?? grabe its been long since i last visit here. hmm summer, sana nga dumating na. goshness ang lamig pa din dito sa cali. looks like you're going to be UBER "busy" sa summer. =p dbale malapit na un, isang kurap nalang. exciting dba. samen june pa summer, bummer! hehe.

  2. waaahhh sana nga maramdaman na namin dito sa baguio ang summer! we've been freezing our asses here for the past in literally ha (beat 7 degrees)...jan and feb are the coldest months here...nway, la union? waaaaaahhh (ulit) la union is like an hour to 2 hours drive from here (depends kung sa ka pupunta) and we have a family house there pero inde man lang ako makakuha ng matinong leave to look forward to summer...haaayyy buhaayyy...makes me wanna quit my job na talaga...nway good for you and all your planned trips!


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