where has christmas gone?

Thursday, December 07, 2006

funny, christmas is just around the corner, yet i don't feel its spirit.

it's not just me. i have talked to people who share the same sentiments as i. everybody is worried about gifts, food, celebrations and money. which got me thinking.. is that all what christmas is really about? a few years back, people started putting up decorations as early as late november; everybody was in a jolly mood. through the years, as the economic situation of our country got worse, as tragedy after tragedy continued to hit us to the point of submission, i guess people just became more and more jaded. pessimistic. i too have been guilty of it at one point. maybe that's the reason why i feel this way.. then i realized that i have a lot to be thankful for despite all that's happened to me, despite all the deficiencies in my life:

my grandparents are still healthy despite their old age.

so are my parents who, despite living abroad, never forget us.

i have a better job which pays me fairly well.

i met a lot of new people who have become very dear friends.

i have found someone who makes my day complete, who continues to love me despite my inadequacies.

it's not gifts, money or celebrations that make christmas complete. it's sharing what you have, your blessings and your love that do so. as we approach that day, i wish all of us will remember that. a cliche, i know, but it we all need to be reminded of it every once in a while

merry christmas everybody.

(oh, and i know how ironic it is to be preaching about non-material stuff when a fairly expensive wishlist is posted above. it's a WISHLIST. i need not explain anymore. =])

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  1. don't worry baby, we'll have one merry christmas :) i still have to get you a gift! hehe

  2. merry christmas, larry! =)

  3. baby: sana nga po. =]

    jey: thanks! merry christmas ulit!

    mali pala. i'm small sa team manila, medium sa F&H. pag polo shirt na pique, large. *seryoso mode*

  4. i met a lot of new people who have become very dear friends.

    isa ba ako sa kanila? hahaha. merry christmas maligalig! =P

  5. Mewwi Christmas chong!

    team manila rocks! \m/
    hingi ka mismo ng discount kay Joey, yung mayari. bibigyan ka nun! mabait yun! :)

  6. psst.. ako din.. gusto ko leather chuckies, kaso yung red or yung kulay orange na parang brown (sensya na ...color blind) :P

  7. rona: uh, yeah. sure. =p

    jhastin: hehe. red horse na to!

    ace: ayus yan para magkaiba tayo. nyahahahaha


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