i hate bad news.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

HEROES is on its midseason break, so that means i hafta painfully wait till january 22 when episode 12 hits the boob tube in the US. add a few more days for somebody to rip the episode and upload it somewhere, and another day for me to download it. i wait in uneasy anticipation. good thing i have this picture of series star hayden panettierre to keep me company till then.

ok, i take it back. it's SHEER TORTURE having to wait that long.

+ + + +

a few posts ago, i said that me and my friends have finally started a band after years of comes-and-goes. now my dream has once again hit the proverbial pothole in the road. yap, our lead guitarist and premiere tabber, may be leaving the country once again to continue working. he was a seaman for a cruise ship before he found himself back here in the philippines almost 2 years ago. i gathered from perry that just last week, he got a call from the captain or whoever that he is expected to undergo a medical examination, a standard procedure for all seamen before they are allowed back on their ships. if that happens, the band will be on indefinite hiatus till he comes back and it just fuckin' sucks. i know, the easiest way would just be to get a new lead, but i dunno. him, perry and i mesh quite well together so it's kinda hard to replace him. i should be happy for my friend, i know. guess i'll just hafta repress my selfish self for the meantime.

+ + + +

only 12 DAYS BEFORE CHRISTMAS! have you gotten me a gift yet? the clock is ticking, hurry! haha.

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