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Thursday, November 23, 2006

ok, i know this post is semi-outdated, but it's not my fault. work has been keeping me from blogging lately, even dem cryptic nonsensical entries that pepper my site sporadically.

but i digress.

the topic of this entry is the new NBC series "HEROES". if you guys haven't heard of this yet, the series chronicles the tales of several individuals who seemed normal until the day they slowly started exhibiting extraordinary abilities. they soon realize that each of them play a role in saving the world from imminent disaster. each of them develop different powers, among them flight, telepathy, phasing, plus loads more. so far i have watched 6 episodes and it is DAMN good stuff! i can't wait to watch later episodes. (i heard that in the states, they're on episode 9 already) so far, these characters are my favorites:

(left - right)
hiro nakamura (masi oka): a guy from japan who has the power to bend time and space. fuckin' funny guy.

niki sanders (ali larter): a webcam stripper from las vegas who has an alternate personality. the said personality has exhibited violent tendencies, and also seems to possess superhuman strength. H-O-T. watch out for her striptease scene in episode 1. i nearly wet my pants.

isaac mendez (santiago cabrera): a painter from new york who has precognitive abilities, often manifesting themselves when he paints during drug-induced trances. cool as hell, he plays the part of the tormented artist to the hilt.

claire bennet (hayden panettiere): a highschool cheerleader from texas with wolverine-like healing abilities. she also seems to be a key player in the series so far. she's cute, and she wears her cheerleader outfit most of the time. *drool*

i have heard that this series has been a consistent toprater since its premiere, and the way the story is going, it's not hard to see why. i can't wait for it to be shown here, or the pirated DVD to hit the streets so i can watch it regularly. whichever comes first. waiting for episodes to be downloaded over the net can be a bit tiresome at times. =]

check out the official site HERE.

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  1. looks like x-men meets charmed o_O

    yeah, the last one is gorgeous.


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