overtime blues in C major

Saturday, November 25, 2006

been a hellish week at the saltmines for me. imagine going home at 6:30am one day then 4:30am the next (not counting right now. it reads 3:11am on my clock. on a friday.)

great, right?

that said, i composed a song about it using a christmas tune y'all know, with some sort of a makeshift "music video" accompaniment using still pictures. it's a work in progress so bear with me.

altogether now!

on the first day of overtime, my camfone showed me
the deserted streets of makati

on the second day of overtime, my camfone showed me
serendra cupcakes from my baby

on the third day of overtime my camfone showed me
my baby who fell asleep waiting for me

repeat till you violently die of exhaustion.

happy weekend everybody!

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  1. you're so mean. tama ba naman picturan ang girlfriend while sleeping! mean mean boyfriend!


    i love peaceful deserted streets. i miss going home EARLY in the morning from work.

    enjoy the weekend!

  2. prelude, overture or intro? =P

  3. hahahah! ive just survived my own hell week last week...spent my 2-day off comatose in bed...lolz


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