3 things that made me smile yesterday

Friday, November 17, 2006

been a busy two weeks for me, chock full of late-night overtimes, tons of taxing work and some other exhausting personal stuff. it's good to know that despite all that, some things bring me some modicum of amusement.

a 1 liter bottle of C2, apple flavor. saw this a while back but it's only yesterday that i bought one. paging 7-11 and mini-stop, stock up on this baby, pronto!

tatay being interviewed on TV. tatay (mom's dad) got interviewed by this program on channel 4 about sports and athletes in general. FYI, he was a double gold medalist in the 1951 olympics. i was amused at how he comfortably answered all the host's queries. parang kami lang yung kausap nya.

www.drawn.ca. this site features illustrations and animation done by artists everywhere. there are a lot of neat stuff here if you're shit out of ideas and you need some creative inspiration (and by that i din't mean copy their works, idiot.) check out "KIWI" by dony permedi. it's awesome.

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  1. i forgot, we have an Olympian in our midst. hehehe.

    Hail to the hero!!!

  2. double gold medalist?! wow. kewlness! =P


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