Friday, June 09, 2006

random photos from my camphone (hence the quality.)

a pic i took of the moon a few months back. the picture doesn't do the actual view justice though. i remember taking this pic in awe, because the moon was a bright copper that night, and it appeared to be larger than usual.

a pic i took while riding a cab on my way to work. i dunno why i shot this.

a pic of my feet at coffee bean convergys, one of the places i usually frequent nowadays. (their hot choco is definitely better than starbucks')

a photo of dencio's racket after it smashed head-on with mine a week ago. strangely enough, mine wasn't even scratched. as of this writing, dencio is still inconsolable.

a pic of my officemate, carl and his weirdly deformed pinkies. in lieu of the recent da vinci code movie, i have come to the conclusion that the facts by mr. brown are WRONG. the holy grail, as you can see, is right here.

a pic i took (inconspicously, of course) of a fellow commuter in the LRT. (i am the one wearing the white shirt) let's just say he incurred injuries after getting off the said train.

a photo of a TOTAL gas station near guijo street i took some nights ago. apparently, consumers have had enough of recent gas hikes and decided to strike back the only way they know how.

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  1. Hey! I have a weirdly deformed pinkies too!!!! =/

    hahaha. 'tong katabi ko SUPOT! that's funny!

    hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah! =D

  2. rona: it's not that funny. ask the guy wearing the pin... if you see him.. (ominous tone)

    a deleted comment? wonder who that was..

  3. pic 1] the moon was unusually big lastnight. natakot lang ako mag labas ng camera sa recto hahaha. i love moon pics.
    pic 2] parang naalala ko dito yung cover album ng updharmdown.
    pic 3] medyo weird, pero i remember people dahil sa sapatos nila. at im sure nakita na kita! small world. nag pupunta din ako minsan sa coffee bean convergys pag 11pm shift ko. i agree, masarap hot choco nila. sana minsan makasalubong ulit kita :)
    pic 4] hahaha ang kulit. may kilala ako sobrang ikli naman nung kaliwang hinliit niya compared sa kanan.
    pic 5] haha kulet, ibang version nung im with stupid na pin
    pic 6] this one takes the cake. panalo! seryoso, UL.UL talaga yun? :D

  4. hahaha same kami ng pinkies! lol! pero mas exage lang yung sa kanya ng onti hehe :)

  5. lee: 1) yeah, me too. i have another moon shot in here somewhere, chec it out if you have time. =] 2) haha oo nga no! i din't notice. 3) hmm.. weird nga ng konti. it's not like people have unique shoes! haha. in fact, the guy i was with when i took this pic had the same pair. =] 4) LOL 5) loko to e. ginulpi ko nga. haha. mali ako ng pwesto. 6) yep, un talaga. pinagtripan siguro ng mga taong sawa na s ekonomiya ng bansa hahaha!

    chuchay: haha! weird ka din!!!

  6. Hahahaha! Hay naku wala kasawaan asar abot ko sa bf nung napansin nya yung pinkies ko! bwhahahaha!

  7. chuchay: i'm sure. maybe it would be a good idea to look for something weird about his anatomy too. um.. wait. that opens up a whole world of possibilities hahaha! bahala ka na dun! =]

  8. very, very larry... =]

  9. LOL. I didn't know what SUPOT meant until i asked around saying, "what's supoti?" ddduuuhh.. stupid me. LOL. is that really an exclamation point or an "i"?


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