what a doozy!

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

last friday, me and karen went to see bellie and chinks' art exhibit over at ponti. it was a fairly cozy event, with only close friends and family members present, along with other guests of varied relations to the artists. no disrespect to bellie and chinks, but i was a bit uncomfortable there, ponti being one of the places in my too-classy-for-my-taste list, but karen made it quite bearable, and bellie was the most gracious host ever. after a few minutes of ogling the artworks and talking to a few friends i saw, me and karen made a beeline for the exit. we scooted our asses towards murphy's where pika, JD, pao, tin, ao and ja were waiting. the place had a rustic feel to it, kinda like those scottish bars you see in movies.

more pics HERE

the day after, i met up with karen again at megamall for lunch. she told me she had to pick up her busted camera so i volunteered to go with her. we had pasta for lunch, then hung out for a bit outside sbarro to smoke. she said she had a baptism she had to go to with her friends, so after a couple of hours i went with her to greenbelt where they were to meet. she introduced me to them, which was pretty nerve-wracking, since i was in pamabahay wear and i was sweating like a pig in heat due to the hot weather, but she assured me that everything would be okay. after pleasantries were exchanged, i accompanied them to the parking area and hurried home, since me, kaye, dencio, gj and pe had plans of our own that night. i got home, took a shower and in no time, we were headed to our meeting place. that's when disaster struck. rain suddenly came down in buckets while me and my sister were riding the jeepney. i guess it's safe to say that me and my friends' struggle to escape the waterworld that is malabon can be likened to the movie MI:3. i was almost sorry i din't film the whole ordeal. it took us over an hour to get out of the friggin' place, and by that time were running a little late. after much discussion, we decided to ditch the movie and i suggested we just head to sidebar where karen was *ahem* conveniently having their after-baptism gimmick.

more pics HERE

three things i learned from this weekend adventure:

1. know the agenda of a lakad BEFORE you go through with it. it helps to be prepared.

2. know that when it suddenly gets from extremely hot to mildly cold at night, it usually means RAIN.

3. know that when everything seems to go wrong, you can always try and make it RIGHT.


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  1. "know the agenda of a lakad BEFORE you ..."

    >> is it me, or did i just detect a faint stench of conyotism there?

  2. haha. more like lack of eloquence man.


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