Monday, June 12, 2006

after the long anticipation, i shall watch X:3 tonight! hahahaha! i'll finally be able ta get rid of that "L" sign thats been sitting in my forehead for weeks. yay.

oh, and karen's comin' home from bacolod tonight. she told me she's gonna be bringing me yummy stuff from her mom's hometown, like those cream puffs with ice cream fillings. mmmm. takaw! haha.

hope y'all had a great weekend!

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  1. Uyyyy! I saw you kanina! In Gateway lining up to watch a movie. I was right in front of you sa line.. hehe. You're really tall pala. ;p I wanted to say something like a hello or whatever, but I was too dyahe. hahaha. anyway, take care.

  2. that was you?! i knew it. i was thinking last night "hey.. this girl looks familiar.." haha! next time i see you, i would be the first one to come up and say howdy. =]

    didja watch xmen too?

  3. haha. nope. CARS. ;P ang suplado kasi ng dating mo eh! haha. kaya mejo natakot ako magapproach. haha. anyway... next time next time. =)

  4. haha. suplado? e i was LAUGHING the whole time i was in line! =]


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