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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

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in the uncomfortable solitude of these four corners i hide
wrapped in my desperate thoughts i reach out
suddenly the wings of my mind take me soaring
far above and beyond what my eyes deny

through the melancholy of the night sky
through the blackness of remorse
i see and feel the magnificent rays of a sunrise
amidst the constant state of confusion and trepidation
i see a spectrum of smiles, of bright lights
and contented sighs

faint lights betray the darkness, and my tired soul feels restless
i revel in the moment with reckless abandon and candor
enamored with the blunt promise of tomorrow i cry
and though my heart moves wih caution and dares not hope,
i try.

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  1. oooooooh poetry... and a bonus picture!

    i feel you, mr. cayco! and i think it's wonderful that you are being (a)roused once more. xD

  2. lei: how come you always manage to "sexualize" everything? LOL kidding. thanks for the comment. masaya lang talaga ako lately. =]

  3. "sexy" is my default state of being... =D im glad you're glad.

  4. lei: i thought paranoia was your default state?

  5. =) Larry, niiiiiiiice picture!!!! oh, hey! you still owe me a poker training!

  6. rona: sure! when are ya free? =]


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