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Monday, May 08, 2006

spent my early saturday taking pictures of our newly-built "cabana" at home. the cayco residence has been in a constant state of construction since last year so you can just imagine what it looks like. unpainted walls, nonexistent ceiling, the absence of tiles, etc. it was nice to see something so nice for a change. i am unsure of what the final look would be like, but so far, me likey what me seeing. what do you guys think? =]

that afternoon, i went to megamall with my sister and her bestfriend to take care of some stuff mom sent from NY, after which we decided to go watch "MI:3". now i'm not a big fan of the series; even though i liked the first two, i thought it was all overrated. that said, i was literally blown away with the third installment of the franchise. the action sequences were exciting, the story, although a bit too farfetched, was interesting, and the dialogue was crisp and smooth and funny. (i especially like the line laurence fishburne said to billy crudup at one point in the movie; "mr. musgrave, don't interrupt me when i am asking rhetorical questions!") definitely a must-see. =]

after the movie, dennis, my sister's best friend, wanted to get a trim so we went to bench fix at the podium. i was browsing through the bench store when i got a text message from paolo. "samahan mo ako, pabutas ako ng tenga." weird as the request was, i obliged. i left dennis and kaye at bench fix in podium and met pao in megamall and a few minutes later, we were standing at the silverworks stall, his ear a deeper shade of red. (i even took a video of the whole process with my phone. i dunno. i find fun in everything LOL) we decided to head back to the podium and have coffee at starbucks while waiting for dennis to finish. we get there, and we saw michael v. with his wife. me being the kapalmuks and loony guy that i am, decided to approach michael and ask if i could have my pic taken with him. he happily obliged.

ok maybe not exactly "happily", but he was nice enough to grant my request. ok na yun LOL after coffee, we headed home for another night of poker. guess where we played? yup, in our precious cabana.

i really should have more weekends like this. =]

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  1. Hey hey hey that's neat. That's a nice quaint spot to chill out. I hope you'd find the space you need in mustering your creative juices thru that cabana. Galeng. :)

  2. dude! :D 'twas nice chatting with you over ym. sorry kung feeling close nako syo ha. :D

    MI3 made me feel like i was watching Alias (season 3 to be exact) all over again. most of the scenes/stunts/twists in MI3 already happened in Alias.
    it's soooo JJ Abrams (creator/director)! :D

    pero teka...putek ang ganda ng cabana nyo!


  3. you should've put your arm around michael v. para "ma-close" ang dating. =D

    re: cabana. patambay minsan!

  4. may: thanks! i plan to make the most of that space. pang-inuman, poker, ganun LOL

    jar: nice chatting with you too. =] talaga, alias? haha. di ako mashado informed about the details of the movie, but thanks for that bit of trivia. =]

    lei: i tried, but his wife was there. he kept telling me "wag.. marupok ako..." LOL

  5. i was trying to look at the picture. but that shimmering cap is distracting me


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