Friday, May 05, 2006

alrighty then. i don't know what the deal was last night, but i was absolutely tripping on the ride home. my senses were on full alert, and i was as sharp as a newly-bought knife. i noticed everything, from the weird expressions on the faces of fellow commuters to the way the engine sputtered noisily as we lumbered along EDSA. now i'm not selfish; below are some of the more amusing stuff that i saw (and heard) last night that i'd like to share with all ya. in the absence of pictures, let my words describe it for you as detailed as possible. =]

*the bus conductor, upon stopping at boni in EDSA. he went to the front of the bus near the door, and shouted "BUNI! BUNI!" (bakit, makinis ka?)

*a billboard in megamall for bayantel DSL. typical, until you scroll down to the bottom, where the tagline reads "satisfaction GUARANTEE!" (wow. well SAY LOL)

*a billboard in cubao for GIBI shoes, modelled by nadine samonte of starstruck fame. the visual: nadine, lying down, side view, wearing a melon orange gown.. and BLUE shoes! (can you say "fashion victim"?)

*a billboard in quezon avenue for LOTTE. tagline reads "freedom to CHEWS". (yeba!)

*another billboard in quezon avenue for a bench cologne endorsed by kris aquino. a portion there has a line that says "SCENT to you by _______." (say wha--?)

*a billboard near SM north for the natural body recipe brand. tagline: "gandang EXCLUSIBO... natural!" (ano ba talaga, english o tagalog?!)

now i don't claim to be a master speaker, writer, or art director but man... those were just hilarious! it's hard to believe that in this day and age, simple basic booboos are still afoot.

long bus rides can be so much fun. =]

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  1. you had me laughing (but my eyes gave in to antok)! oh well, there is THAT truth in advertising.

  2. hah! i will be on the lookout for your booboos. :D

  3. jey: you said it! haha

    lei: spoilsport. haha. =]

  4. hahaha ang favorite ko pa rin, yung nakasulat sa pader na sign na ganito:

    BAWAL MAGTAPON NG BASURA -------------------> DOON

  5. ampotah laught trip! :D

    >> wearing a melon orange gown.. and BLUE shoes! -- nung nakita ko nga to akala ko color blind na ako eh.


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