Wednesday, May 24, 2006

the lines were drawn. it was every man for himself.

last saturday, me and my sister hosted our very first poker "BIG NIGHT" for friends at home. we had planned on a light dinner before the actual event, and me, dennis, kaye and perry spent the late afternoon buying stuff for the party. although the menu was much disputed, we finally decided on these: inihaw na liempo at tahong, mojos, ohme's potato balls (which were very AWESOME, btw), cocktail hotdogs, and cheese (for the red wine.) me and kaye took turns manning the grill, while dencio and perry took care of the mojos.

by 10pm, the people started coming, and poker was begun. we had 12 players all in all, so we decided to split them into two tables, with the top 3 from each table moving on to the winner-take-all finals. one by one, the players were eliminated, until only two were left: sunny, engineer extraordinaire and local gigolo, and perry, our resident architect and drunkard. the battle was nothing short of an epic, each one not backing down. but in the end, sunny won the pot in an all-in showdown. perry, ever the sport (pero hindi talaga. kunwari lang) shook the victor's hand as everybody offered their congratulations.

after the game, we headed to the cabana, bottles of red horse in tow. there, in the comfort of the humid, night air, the rolling waves of the river and the company of dear friends, i drank and drank till the sun came up. =]

all in all, i think it went pretty well, despite the hassles (late players, uncooperative grill, missing cards etc). we were planning on making it a quarterly event, but the masses are clamoring to make it a once a month affair, at least.

we'll see. =]

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  1. haha! bagay yung facial expression ni perry dun sa "runner up" bubble... ang why is sanot 'glowing'? is that because he's the big winner? hahaha!

  2. ohme: haha. oo nga no.. halatang masama ang loob haha. the glow is there because sunny is da MAN! haha. si pe din, meron.. di lang halata kasi RUNNER-UP lang sha LOL

  3. wow thats a great way to bond with ur friends! asteeeg! shempre wag lang mashadong lalake pustahan. oh well ano kelan kitakits para k henry?

  4. kainggit!

    hindi yung poker...

    yung food. mwehehehe :D

  5. which reminds me...i have to host a poker night at home soon...


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