Friday, May 26, 2006

yeah baby! taylor hicks, the silver-haired soul singer from alabama, won the much-coveted title of american idol last thursday. the show was peppered with guest appearances from several music legends that included dionne warwick and prince. (the number featuring rocker chris with the band live was WICKED!) i was actually rooting for taylor, and i was quite happy with the results. consistent performances, personality and passion were what got me going against my early fave katharine mcphee. (though honestly man... she HOT!)

soul patrol!

have a grrreeeat weekend everyone!

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  1. his "Do I Make You Proud" is what clinched him the title. but anyweyz, i still wanted Katharine to win.

  2. i like him. im happy he won. yaaaaaay.

  3. van: yeah. that was a nice song.

    yelle: haha. yay! *victory dance*


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