drumroll please...

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

somebody told me earlier that my blog has been pretty bleak lately, and that i should write more positive, happy things. so here i am, trying to do exactly just that. here goes nothing.




well whaddya know?

nothing nga.

no happy thoughts whatsoever.


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  1. never get caught by the stillness of a gaze,
    sway with the moving breeze
    not forgetting to marvel at God's grace,
    and keep faith that these darker clouds do graze..

    indeed, "there's a rainbow, always, after the rain."

  2. *sundot-sundots lahree*
    uyyy tatawa na yan :P heheh.


    seriously though. okay lang yan no!
    nakakangawit ata sa panga pag laging nakangiti :P ahihihihi. pero wag ka namang laging nakasimangot ha. baka mahipan ka ng hangin - poreber ka nang ganyan :D heheh *hugs*

    -cute anonymous fool :D

  3. duckie: thanks. di pa tapos yung ulan e. i'll let you know when the rainbow appears. i think the storm is almost through. =]

    anonymous: haha. i know you! oo nga cute ka nga. =]

  4. quents: jebs mo mukha mo. haha.

  5. haha! same here..i usually get that reaction from readers of my blog..lalo na dun sa old blog ko.

    eh kung sa gloomy ako eh! di ba?

    k lang yan...mas masarap mag blog pag hindi happy. bwehehe....

    bilang na bilang lang yata ang "happy entries" ko.:P

  6. ok lang yan. i still enjoy reading yourblog. sige lang magdrama ka pa. mweheheh :)

  7. jar: hehe. i agree. depression na ata ang default state of being ko e haha. =]

    alpha: thanks, tho i have this feeling that you're being sarcastic. hahahaha. =]

  8. no happy thoughts? o_O

    it's your blog. your prerogative. happy man or sad thoughts, rant all you want. :p

  9. hinaylayt ko pa ang boung entry baka kako naka camouflage lang ang colors. but noh! well hope u will have something happy to write about soon.`


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