Monday, May 15, 2006

i am playing a dangerous game.

a game which has no inevitable conclusion other than me getting hurt.

i have been guilty of always letting my feelings getting the best of me. i am not the most logical, reasonable person when faced with dilemmas of the emphatic variety. and that, most of the time, has been my undoing.

with everything that's happened before, with all the emotional funhouses i have been through, the questions i have to ask myself right now are these:

am i willing to risk hurting other people?

am i willing to risk exposing myself and other people to complications that may arise?

am i willing to be part of something rooted in deceit?

am i willing to do the right thing this time around, and resign from this game before it's too late?

i am just so confused right now, and everyday the confusion gets worse. the pain that stabs at my heart whenever i see something i shouldn't eats away at me like cancer, extinguishing my spirit slowly till nothing is left but smoldering ashes. the saddest part? i have absolutely no RIGHT to feel that way.

ladies and gentlemen, the drama king is back.

long live the king.

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  1. well taking a break from my usual polluting and nonsensical replies in other people's blogs, all I can say is, I'm sure you can take it like a man

  2. quentin: and take it like a man i shall.

  3. Those 4 questions of yours should be the guidlines of Rotary Club of Larry members, to govern that things they should think, say, and do. *lol*

  4. aquabitch: oo nga no.. i din't notice LOL


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