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Thursday, April 20, 2006

after months of not having work and after years of dilly-dallying, i am finally HOME.

as of today, april 20, i am officially a graphic artist at beyond advertising, a design studio here in makati. it's everything i imagined it would be: a fun enviroment which is non-constricting; i am free to move around, watch TV, play LAN games or just plain goof around. the officemates are (so far haha) very accommodating and helpful, and the workload challenging.

it's my first day today and i was briefed by the copy and creative head about the stuff that will be assigned to me and what is expected of me. i know it's too soon to tell, but now, more than ever, i am sure as hell that this is what i wanna do.

wish me luck everybody. =]

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  1. so hapee for you pakner! sabi nga ni rob schneider everytime e-extra siya sa movies ni adam sander... YOU CAN DOOOOEEET!!!

    miss you na po! hope ta see you soon...


  2. good luck! good luck! good luck! hehe...that's three for..err... good luck...teehee

  3. congrats, larry! you deserve it.

  4. thanks pakner, sarah, panch! =]

  5. ei Jooz, Congrats bro! Gud Luck! Where in Makati do u work? Malay mo, magkapit bahay lng pala tayo :P

    - nymos

  6. witty-articulate-galApril 21, 2006 at 1:34 PM

    woohoo!!! i can already taste the kebabs and the coffee... when's payday btw? =D

  7. pfft, boring.

    being the scum of the society and a bottom feeder is better any day

  8. good for you larry! really happy for you. im sure you'll be a great addition to that company. you're finally in your element!

  9. abnormal! bagay ka dito. :-) hehe welcome sa makulay at magulong mundo ng ahensya. :p

    congrats! :-)

  10. jhan: sa me salcedo po ako. =]

    quentin: and you would know, being the slacker that you are. ass. haha.

    thanks ulit sa mga bati! =]


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