4th day

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

it's my 2nd week of work and so far everything's been awesome, tho admittedly, i am still having some trouble getting into that advertising mindset. i got my first project last friday, and my head almost imploded trying to drum up concepts. it'll take some time getting used to, but i am more than up to the challenge. so there. =]

+ + + +

met up with paolo earlier for a little chitchat over coffee earlier this evening. he's one of my closest male friends, and he wanted to hang out and share the latest happenings on his very busy life. haping-hapi ang loko ngayon, and i'm glad. pao is a very hardworking, industrious guy, and he deserves all he's getting and more. inggit ako pero konti lang naman haha. after coffee, he decided to invite me over to his office and hang out some more, and i obliged. the place is cozy, and the people seem nice enough. we sit down, and he goes over to his computer and sez "pare, me papakita ko sa yo". after a few clicks here and there, i found myself watching a documentary entitled "lover's guide to sexual positions", sort of like a kama sutra-ish instructional video on sexual positions, orgasms, the male and female anatomy and well, basically sex in general. i watched with concealed interest as the video went on. now i'm no idiot when it comes to sex, but there were some stuff that was discussed there that i wouldnt mind trying out in, uh, practical situations LOL he promised to give me a copy tomorrow.

pag di ako nakatulog mamaya dahil sa napanuod ko, babatukan ko tong si pao.

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  1. nakatulog ka ba? o nambatok ka? =D

  2. perv. hahaha just kiddin!

  3. pao as in chuPAO?

    hay, never really judge a book by its cover.

    do you have your copy now? *lol*

  4. lei: um... let's just say i needed caffeine the following day.

    yelle: belat.

    OB: yeah, as in chupao. what do you mean don't judge?! you mean you din't know pao was THAT perverted?! no copy so far. i'll keep ya posted. =]


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