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Friday, March 03, 2006

i haven't been blogging much lately, i know. my resignation from f&H, plus the fact that i still haven't gotten my pc yet is making it difficult for me to do so. the only chance i get nowadays is when i'm not tamad to actually go out and rent a pc in a net shop/cafe somewhere, and even then the idea's not too appealing. how the hell can you write a decent entry anyways when you are surrounded by adolescent boys, screaming and laughing while playing the latest flavor-of-the-month online game? that said, i am taking this oppurtunity to post something, since i'm currently almost alone in this shop. =]

***went to the UP fair 2 weeks ago to watch some bands and just hang out. it was fun, watching bamboo, hale, spongecola, dicta license (who really RAWKED!) and sugarfree. had a chance to see some old FA people again too. =]

***hanna, one of my closest officemates, left for dubai last week. la lang. lungkot lang. last feb. 28 tho, ako naman ang nag-last day. =]

***been watching a lot of TV lately, mostly the reality-based kind. i am presently craving episodes of "american idol" and "pinoy big brother". i even saw this show on ETC recently, called "the one that got away". it was like "the bachelor" somewhat, but the participants were women who had pasts with the guy. ex-girlfriends, old dates. it was interesting to say the least. =]

so yeah. that's about it i guess. i can already hear dem boys filling the shop. i gotta jet before i strangle someone. laters.

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