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Monday, March 06, 2006

lookie! =]jey-aiy gave this to me 2 weeks ago. sort of an advanced birthday gift/peace offering. haha. the cake was so cute i almost decided not to eat it. thanks jey! =]

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i heard some funny news last night.

me, kaye (my sister) and some friends played some badminton last night. when we got to the court, we saw an old batchmate of hers whom i knew too, and they proceeded to catch up with each other, kamustahan, ganun. as i sat down after playing a set, she called out to me:

"larry, me balita ako sa yo ah. patay ka na daw, inatake ka daw ng asthma." she deadpanned.

"ha?! sino me sabi nyan?!" i asked, a half-smile marking my face.

"ewan, basta sabi sa akin nung isa naming kabatch, nasagap daw nya somewhere." then she gave me an amused look.

i din't know how to react, but it sure was hilarious. i din't know i was a worthy topic for rumor-mongering LOL

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  1. tsong. sikat ka na pala. mga sikat lang kase ang ginagawan ng ganyan eh. hehehehe


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