Friday, December 23, 2005

mom's here! =]

day 3 of my suspension was spent doing some major house cleaning. mommy was arriving from NY that night, and she would throw a major fit if she saw the house was dirty. afterwards, kaye and i decided to go out and go to SM north to kill time (mom's arrival was at 10:40pm) we decided to look for gift items ta give to the grandparents.. which turned to a full-blown shopping spree for yours truly. i got me new chucks and a couple of shirts, plus some other stuff. i bought kaye funky slippers, and she in turn bought me a cap (yay!)

mom arrived home at 1:30am, my sister kate in tow. first act: open the balikbayan boxes and distribute the goodies. i found myself with an armful of stuff after she was through. my most treasured gift tho was the digicam mom promised! haha. yeah! i think we slept around 5am, after the "ceremonies" LOL mom told me they'd be goin' ta greenhills after getting a bit of shuteye, and asked me if i wanted to go. i giddily told her i'd be glad to extend my suspension for another day. she just smiled and said "gagu ka talaga." same old mom. ain't she sweet? =]

here are some pics at greenhills that i took with my new *ahem ahem* digicam. haha. =]

me and tito robert
3 of the women in my life: (l-r) mommy, kate and kaye
tired.. pfft.

that night before goin' ta sleep, i decided to murderize a pair of pants i owned, and kate happily joined in. artistic kid. mana sa kuya hahahaha!

"easy does it..."

so there. haha. thank god mom got here safely.. it'd be nice to actually spend christmas and new year with her, our first time since.... i dunno! i can't even remember. just like one normal, happy family. =]

MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYBODY! i hope y'all have an awesome, wonderful time! =]

P.S. see more punta fuego pics here. =]

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  1. Woot! Congrats on your new digicam.

    Man, you're so brave. I never get the guts to "experiment" on the pairs of jeans that I own... Or maybe I could practice on somebody else's. *evil laugh*

    Anyway, thanks for that comment on my blog. Grrr. I'm still so pissed at her, but what the hell. Like what you said, she ain't worth it.

    Merry Christmas, Larry!

  2. MERRY CHRISTMAS larry! God bless you and your family :)

  3. looks like you had a fun xmas :)


    PS: ahhh.. soooo, now i;ve seen that uncle of yours. *knowing nod*

    iskeri siya, la. iskeri.

  4. larry! merry christmas!

    how i wish i could get me a digicam na!!! pag naapprove na credit card ko.. heheh

    shet la! is uncle robert married!?!? yummy :)


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