holiday hulabaloos

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

haha. i had a BLAST! we spent christmas eating and drinking and doing karaoke at home. an uncle rented this karaoke machine (the one where you put 5 peso coins in and choose the songs ya wanna sing) and had it delivered at our house. my lolos and cousins sang their hearts out till late afternoon. i called up some high school friends come nighttime, bought some alcohol and presto! instant fun! LOL one of the best christmases ever. =]

the morning after, we all got ready and went ona trip ta subic. it was cool. we went to this zoo and stayed at subic homes. (awesome place) we even went grocery shopping together! haha. corny, i know, but it was one rare family moment. basta.

kate with that big-ass python we saw.
nice shot, if i do say so myself. haha.
no wonder tigers don't smell.
cute signage. not. and "rodent world"? really now.
the CAYCO'S! tatay, tito robert, tita onor, nanay, mommy, kate, me and kaye. =]

i hope y'all had a wonderful christmas like i did! =]

p.s. i'm here at the office just to blog and file my leave of absences. haha. just thought it was funny is all. see all ya in january!!!


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