punta fuego

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

went to punta fuego last sunday with some college friends. we were supposed ta meet up at 5:30am at mcdo q. ave. but in typical larry fashion, i arrived an hour and a half late. jeezus. good thing they din't leave me behind. tanya, who was the "promotor" of this trip owing to the fact that she's the fuego member, came close to strangling me though. haha.

now allow me to share a few pics of our trip.. because pictures are indeed worth a thousand words.. (besides, i'm feeling kinda lazy today. mind's not working, so i can't think of stuff ta write LOL)

our view from our cabana. heavenly, isn't it?
another shot from the cabana.
and another one, where we see the juice bar on the right. empty. haha.
our cabana. we were kings and queens for a day.. (less actually LOL)
the pool. it was cold. really cold. brrrr.
we hung out more at the cabana because we were lazy-asses.
lookit the beach. nice, ain't it? =]
we were there till the sun gave up on us.

so afterwards, we decided to have dinner at tagaytay since it was on the way. everybody was craving for bulalo. imagine our dismay when we got there and it was so friggin' COLD! i shit you not. it would've been bearable if it wasn't for the fact that the wind was blowing like crazy. imagine being doused in iced water then being whisked in front of an industrial fan. nice no? we even tried to salvage the situation by going to this nearby ukay-ukay and looking for jackets. no luck. we eventually decided to eat at rairaiken.. a nice, warm, ENCLOSED establishment. unfortunately for us, the crew picked that exact time to be almost unbearably incompetent. argh. cold and hungry group of people + bad service = MAYHEM. LOL. oh well.

pic taken before ordering. notice the happy faces. this was before we found out the staff was composed of 8 year old children.

so there! haha. it was another great weekend for me. god knows i need a lot more of those. =]

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  1. wow. i think everyone needs a weekend as great as yours. hope i could also go to the beach and for a moment, forget about school. :)

    happy holidays. :D

  2. waaahhh! hmmmpp...i badly need that kind of vacation! il be slaving here at the office even on xmas eve and it sucks! haayy... that's fuckin' life for me... :(

  3. hmpf.ang galing mo mang-inggit lahree! hehe jowk :P am happy you're enjoying your vacation :) relaks-relaks lang okay. and merry christmas! -wenz

  4. Wow. Nice pics. :D It's like I can feel summer already. Hee. I wish I were there! :D

  5. BREATHTAKING pictures!. :D glad you had a great weekend and may you have many more (: Cheers!.

  6. you were in tagaytay last tuesday?!

  7. russ: no prob. glad to have ya "snoopin" around. =]

    yayam: then go! spontaniety is good. =]

    sarah: yeah, that sucks.. cheer up tho. it's the holidays. =]

    rona: yeah, me too. =]

    wenchie: haha. uwi ka na kasi dito. =]

    nina: go go! it's really nice there. =]

    lullabye: thanks!

    jey: not tuesday silly. sunday. =]


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