a shirt by any other name....

Saturday, October 29, 2005

i was bored, so i decided to design my own shirts....

shempre kelangan meron na personalized......

.... save me?
.... and my personal fave LOL

oh, and my first batch of F&H shirts for men (finally!) have been released! check 'em out at folded&hung stores near you (unabashed plug.)

so there. comments would be most welcome. =]

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  1. oist! hang ganda nung green! sana may pambabae na ganyan. :D

  2. i want a larry shirt! i want it in xs! i want the green one! The white one too!

    oh. for men lang?


    PS: i-pro-promote ko sa blog ko ha? :D

  3. wow.`i'd`buy your`shirts if`i were male.

    why don't you try submitting your designs at threadless.com? you might get printed there too :D

  4. Oo nga, bakit for males lang??? That's why I lav BAYO KIDS... mga ganyan ang designs for petite females like MOI. Labanan mo!!! I'll change sides no matter how much I have a closet full of BAYO KIDS ... basta ikaw.


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